Hi, I’m Daniel Harari.
I’m a Switch Engineer at Mellanox Technologies and a Communication Systems Engineering student at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.

All my life I was driven by the urge to know how things work.
As a child, I used to take things apart and (try to) reassemble them, I really like making things on my own and coming up with new ideas and solutions to non-existent problems.
I consider myself a “Maker”, often I’ll see something and immediately think how i can make it myself and even make it better.

This site is my way of sharing my projects, ideas and experiences with the world.
This blog and its content are not funded by any company or individual other than myself. Everything I do is for fun and to feed my own curiosity.

DISCLAIMER : some of the content might contain guides and suggestions that are potentially dangerous. These are not to be followed blindly. Use your brain, don’t be stupid. I may not be held responsible for damage of property and/or injuries inspired by the content of this site.

Have fun and be safe.


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