Wireless charging (Inductive Charging)

About two years ago, Induction Charging became a standard in almost every new smartphone. At the time, my smartphone of choice was the Samsung Galaxy S II which, of course, did not feature this technology.

After some research, I decided my phone should have this feature – so I added it myself.

the modified phone and case

This procedure is not exclusive to the SGSII nor to smartphones. In fact, induction charging (of this type) can, theoretically, be added to any device charged with 5V.

I thoroughly documented the project and published a step-by-step guide at Instructables.com (An awesome site for DIY, BTW).
Copying the guide will be redundant, so you can check it out HERE.
You can also check out my profile and more projects that I uploaded HERE.

The project was featured on the Instructables newsletter and a number of sites like Hack-A-Day, HackLife and other blogs.
Seeing people get inspired by the guide was amazing, it’s part of the reason I started this site, hope you like it too.

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